JavaGuru IT courses are specifically designed for those who want to start a career in information technology or upgrade their qualifications to the next level. Our IT courses are easy to combine with work, and will be perfect for anyone who wants to learn a new profession without giving up their main job!

Programming courses are open to everyone!

You could be a school or university student, an employee, a working programmer looking to upgrade your skills, or maybe you just want to change careers - JavaGuru has a special offer that's right for you!

Programming courses will open doors to the world of information technology, allow you to learn a high-paying profession and work from anywhere in the world!
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Meet our lecturers

We take great pride in our staff lecturers which make us distinctive from others. Each of our lecturer is not just a theoretician who has learned programming through books, but a practitioner with 5-10 years of experience in the field.

Our lecturers are happy to share their experience and wealth of knowledge with those who listen to these courses.

Viktor Savonin
Chief Executive Officer at JavaGuru
Artjom Grinakin
Senior Agile Coach / Programmer Analyst
Aleksandrs Ivanovs
Software Developer at Swisscom
Oleh Ivashenko