About us

Every guru has only one task, and that is to help the next guru to become better than him. We, JAVA GURU, are a professional programming school for beginners and experienced professionals.  We know that the biggest changes in the way people live, work and play are happening thanks to digital technology. We ourselves contribute to this progress. And we are preparing the next generations of professionals – the innovators who will change our lives.

True guru wisdom is always connected to reality. The JAVA GURU School curriculum is also based on real projects. The theoretical and practical exercises are designed and developed by experienced programmers – practitioners who themselves work with the latest coding knowledge. They monitor students’ progress, giving detailed feedback throughout their studies and helping them to solve real-life problems.

We make sure that each student is able to successfully combine JAVA GURU training with their main job. We help you start your career in the IT industry smoothly and confidently, without unnecessary stress and overcharging!


We take great pride in our staff lecturers which make us distinctive from others. Each of our lecturer is not just a theoretician who has learned programming through books, but a practitioner with 5-10 years of experience in the field.

Our lecturers are happy to share their experience and wealth of knowledge with those who listen to these courses.

Artjom Grinakin
Senior Agile Coach / Programmer Analyst
Oleh Ivashenko
Team Lead at DECTA