Programming courses

We offer 4 programming courses created by professional developers who are experts in their field. Our guru trainers know what will work for you in your future job and that’s exactly what they’ll teach you! All courses are available in a convenient online format, with ONLINE lectures with trainers. JavaGuru guarantees you the most friendly atmosphere! Programming courses are designed for different levels of knowledge, for beginners and for professionals who want to upgrade their qualifications and master new skills.


QA or Quality Assurance is the course that will help you get to know the world of IT faster and easier! By completing the QA 1.0 course material, you will have the knowledge and skills to work in an IT company.

The second course is for those who want to learn the basics of test automation, as well as the top technologies and approaches to writing automated tests of varying complexity.



Course QA 1.0.

The QA 1.0 course is the fastest and easiest way to get acquainted with the world of IT! The course allows beginners, without experience and knowledge, to get acquainted with the world of testing and take the first step in their professional IT career.
10 Lessons
480 €

Course QA 2.0.

Keep improving your knowledge and skills! You will gain a working knowledge of the basics of programming and be able to independently develop small automation website testing projects.
12 Lessons
510 €