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English — Prepare yourself for the interview

Подробная программа курса

A starter is accepted as a great way of hooking the interest of learners and engaging students straightaway.
In the context of an interview lesson, a starter is also really helpful in enabling you to pitch the lesson well and to establish a baseline. This will mean that you can demonstrate that the students have made progress during the lesson.

The starter should give you a good idea about what the class know about a topic. You now need to fill any gaps in their knowledge and take them to the next level by teaching them something new. This is opportunity to demonstrate your own subject knowledge and show that you can give clear and concise explanations and instructions.

To prepare students how to answer

Student will learn IT terminology to understand the meaning

Body communication (practise)

Teaching the main tips for passing interview

When applying for newly-qualified jobs, you’ll almost certainly have to learn a demonstration lesson. I shares my top 10 tips on how to plan for success

Exam (it will consist of individual interview and testing)

English - Prepare yourself for the interview (NEW)

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